Real time alerts

Newscurve detects significant deviations in your contents’ performance and sends you configurable alerts on your desktop, mobile, email and other devices. Stay with your newsroom while you’re on the go.

Story-centric recommendations

We believe that good content drives revenue, so we focus on the story. Know how your content measures up to previous pieces. Know what to feature and when to promote.

Social engagement metrics

Which stories are picking up traction on social sources right now? How many additional pageviews does social contribute to each of your articles? With Newscurve you can know this and much real time.

Insights that matter

You don’t need another dashboard, we know that. You need the data insights that help you do your job. Let Newscurve do the math, so you can focus on the things that matter.

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Alerts “on the go”

Newscurve seamlessly integrates with your established work processes by pushing custom notifications, about out-of-the-ordinary content trends, exactly where you need them – all so you can react immediately.

Alerts are available across a variety of devices and channels, including iOS and Android devices, Chrome and Firefox extensions, Google Talk and Facebook Chat, email, and more!

Put article on homepage to gain additional 9800 pageviews (CTR increase of 42%)

1 minute ago - Web design trends in 2013

Overall traffic is 9.4x higher than expected.

1 minute ago - Exec invokes 5th Amendment at Hearing

High attention, more than 40 seconds on average

2 minutes ago - Damage in the Millions in Springfield Home Blaze
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Newscurve Author & Section Alerts!

You can now choose to receive Newscurve alerts for specific authors and sections! Just set up these author and section filters in your alert settings to focus on the content that is important to you.

We've been working with these guys for many years as technology partners to help us improve our digital business. We agreed to be their first beta testers for Newscurve straight away: it's the tool that we need and it's unique.

Andrea Santagata CEO Banzai

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